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Athabasca University

Draft ICT Strategic Plan 2012-16

An important aspect to highlight in the development of ICT-related strategies is a reinforcement that AU’s campus and Open Learning ICT Strategic Plan 2012-16. ICT Strategic Plan 2012-16 Environment (OLE) is virtual and resides in a global networked environment facilitated through the Internet.

The ICT Strategic Plan 2012-2016 will guide the effective selection, development, reinforcement, implementation, evaluation, and management of ICTs to optimize AU’s OLE, maximize value realization of technology investments, and continually reinforce AU’s position as a global leader in post-secondary online learning.

The conversion of course-related content into digitized forms has streamlined AU’s course development process, spearheaded its transition to be fully online, and strengthened AU’s position as a leader in online distance learning.

AUIT Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve students and staff through the development and delivery of an integrated and intuitive online environment comprised of responsive, flexible, and dependable systems and services.

AUIT Vision Statement

We provide the best open online learning experience.

Specific Strategic Objectives

1: Continue the optimization of ICT services, systems, and resources for online open access.

Guiding Technology Principles

2: AU is an open university and when appropriate technology will support open standards that contribute to its mission and its position as a leader in open online learning.

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