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Bookshelf Online: New Sign-Up Flow for Full Account Users by Sean McKeever

March 28th, 2017

At VitalSource we are always in touch with our users. Customer support is part of our foundation, and we strive to learn from our user's ways to improve their experience. As a result of feedback from customer support, we have updated our sign-up flow to ensure a seamless account creation process.

What Account Creation? I never sign into Bookshelf!

Many of our users access Bookshelf through their learning management system and are never prompted to create an account, or they have the option of skipping account creation. In those instances, nothing will change for the user. Account creation will still be an option for those with that enabled and will follow the exact same flow.

So, who is affected?

Users l Bookshelf or a branded instance of bookshelf using a full account who create an account from the Bookshelf login screen.

How do I create an account using this flow? What changed.

New steps are below. The changes include removing an intermediary screen prompting for email entry, as this was moved to the sign-up page, and an added “confirm email field” or those accidental times we move too fast and mistype our email information.

What does the new process look like?

Updated May 12 2017 by Student & Academic Services

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